Adam & Eve


This advertisement for PETA is one that I have never seen before and is portraying the story of Adam and Eve from the bible. The models are wearing leaves just as Adam and Eve did after they sinned and ate the apple.  After the couple ate the apple they felt ashamed and thought they needed to hide their body becuase it was not pure anymore.  In this advertisement the forest behind the models are trying to portray that of the garden of eden and the womanis holding the apple that the two ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  This story is not only in the bible but talked about in our book titled nudity.  The book talks about how at first the two were fully naked with their private parts out and everything. Then after eating the apple they felt the need to cover up and not let one another see the other in their natural essance.  This is what the advertisement is trying to portray.  Not everyone would think of it this ad in the way of nudity relating to ttories in the bible.

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